What I Offer

One hour – £45
90 mins – £60
Two hours – £80

As well as teaching Yoga in Oxford, I offer a wide range of treatments to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. It is scientifically proven that regular massages are essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind, relieving symptoms of stress physically and mentally. Massages help improve your blood circulation, breathing and release unwanted tension from the muscles. Regular massages are important if you follow a regular exercise routine as they help with muscle and joint fatigue, aches and pains. They are also found to be very effective in treating various ailments and inflammatory conditions.
Through my extensive experience and training over the years I am able to adapt and create treatments for each individual’s needs.

Private Yoga Instruction
I believe in private Yoga instruction strongly, providing you find a teacher that you connect with (you will know instantly). Once you find that match, learning and going deeper into your practice becomes natural. Private tuition has numerous benefits, for many it is a way to give Yoga a try before committing to a class. The one to one aspect is especially good to build confidence, so maybe you realise Yoga is much more than you thought it to be. There are so many parts to Yoga to discover and I will make sure I design a class that suits you and your body as an individual. Great for complete beginners but also advanced students as I know how important it is to continue deepening your practice. One of the beauties of Yoga is that learning is endless and will make you forever humble and a dedicated student.

Thai Yoga Massage
It is based on the energy line system (Sen) and by working along these lines blockages are released. This can be felt as a release of tightness, or a rush of new energy to the body. The massage is performed without oil on a comfortable futon mattress and includes deep compressions, gentle stretches and important pressure points. It brings the body back to balance and is a meditative practice for letting go. Through this massage, you can achieve a stillness and tranquillity that fills your life with positive vibrations.

Best for: flexibility, balance and calming a busy mind.

Tibetan Massage
This massage is essentially an oil massage combining reiki and acupressure and works on balancing the chakras through the energy lines. The technique enables a soft tissue massage of the pressure points, making you feel renewed and refreshed. A great option for those who lead stressful and busy lives.

Best for: stress relief and deep relaxation.

Swedish Massage
Yet another oil massage that helps you bring relaxation to every muscle and cell in the body rejuvenating the system. It is a superficial massage that flushes toxins to the lymphatic systems. Thus leaving you feel clean, refreshed and light.
Best for: over-stressed bodies and relaxation.
More information:

Massage appointments can be scheduled at my residence or even at yours, whichever is most convenient. Information regarding the treatments I offer can be given in further detail over the telephone or by email, please feel free to contact me.

** “Bring your toddler to Yoga” classes coming soon!!! **